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  • Ben Olson

    On Air: Weekdays, 5am - 10am; Saturdays, 10am - 2pm

    Born: 1-9-1979 in the 54701 Done radio in: Wisconsin... Eau Claire, Wausau, Madison, and Sheboygan! What you want to be ...

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  • Average Joe

    On Air: Weekdays, 10am - 2pm

    Little did the dastardly villain Gross Pinky Toe know when he stole my shoes that he'd picked on the ...

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  • Jeff

    On Air: Weekdays, 2pm - 7pm; Sundays, 10am - 2pm

    Thanks for stopping by! I was born and raised in the Chicagoland area, moved to Green Bay after graduating, and ...

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  • Otis Day

    On Air: Weekdays, 7pm - Midnight

    Hometown: Madison Favorite TV Show: Anything on History Channel, Discovery, or Learning Channel. It makes me feel more smarter. I ...

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  • Melissa

    On Air: Saturdays, 6am - 10am; Sundays, 6am - 10am

    Melissa is your audio equivalent to a few cups of coffee! Ahhh... The city by lake. Sheboygan is where I ...

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  • Belky

    On Air: Saturdays, 2pm - 7pm; Sundays, 2pm - 7pm

    What would you like to know?

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  • Jess

    On Air: Saturdays, 7pm - Midnight; Sundays, 7pm - Midnight

    Things You May Not Know About Me: Love to Paint, Draw, Coupon and Scrapbook, Used to be Deathly Afraid of ...

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  • Bill

    Hometown: Born over yonder in Germany, spent my formative years in Oostburg, moved to Minneapolis for school and have lived ...

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