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104.5 AND 96.1 The Point ... Why are there two radio signals?

by Ben Olson


104.5 and 96.1 The Point. Why are there two? People ask me all the time. Without getting overly technical I’m going to try and explain why we have two radio signals to cover Sheboygan County and beyond. When 104.5 was licensed in the mid-90s a tower just south of Plymouth was erected.

On hot sticky days (much like we’re having today… and all week) the 104.5 signal starts to fade the closer to Lake Michigan ya get. The other challenge is that there’s another station licensed to the same signal in Michigan bouncing off the lake. Sometimes people even get both mixed in... 

To make sure Point listeners could still enjoy their local radio station a “translator” signal was licensed to 96.1… and was set to transmit from the south side Sheboygan towers in our studio’s back yard.

So, on these hot sticky summer days (and any day) 96.1 sounds best in Sheboygan. 104.5 sounds best to the west. Got it? Questions? Class dismissed.

More nerdy radio tech talk? Check out the tower climbers working on our towers… and what Sheboygan looks like from the top…

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